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A better way to run your smog station

More tests, less time


Simple and intuitive

Created for owners like you, by an owner like you

Software to run your entire station -
not just digitize your work orders

To be successful as a smog station, it requires a lot of hard work from everyone. 

Current solutions for smog stations fall short.​ Running a station is more than just work orders. 

Time for smog shops to be run like it's the 21st century. No more paper. No more making due with inadequate software hate.


FasTest Smog was built by a station owner who was frustrated that all of the options were inadequate. So, we built simple, intuitive software to make running your smog station a breeze: for you, for your technicians, and for your customers.. 

Sound good to you?

Main Point
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Use on any device

All you need is internet and a device to run your shop. Desktop, tablet, phone - use one or use them all. Access from anywhere.


Build your reputation

Your reputation is everything. Don't just sit back and let the customers with bad experiences ruin your reputation. Automatically solicit reviews from every customer


Make it easier for your tech

Techs get a simple, intuitive queue to process work orders and finalize their tests. 


Take control of coupons

Coupons are a reality of the business. Create, distribute, manage, and track all of your coupon types and see how they perform. Don't waste money.


Eliminate paper

Customers are sent digital invoices, that use "Write-it Right" guidelines, so that you don't have to pay for paper invoices again.


Get full transparency

Get access to all of the important data you need to make sure things are running the right way. See who is waiting to be tested at any time. 


Optimize your marketing

Figure out how your online and offline marketing efforts are performing and if it is worth it to keep spending your money


Intake customers faster

Customers scan their CA ID to enter info. Automatically recognize returning customers so they don't have to enter any info. Save them time and get them on their way.


Access real-time reports

Log in from anywhere to get vital stats about the performance of your business. 

Want to try it out?
Simple pricing 



  • Unlimited printed work orders

  • Unlimited users

  • Customized branding

  • Customized pricing

  • Intuitive customer intake form

  • Real-time reporting

  • Cloud based system - use on ANY device



Starter plan plus:

  • Fully digital experience

  • Emailed Invoices to Customers

  • Returning Customer Lookup

  • Review Collection Emails

  • Custom Coupon Codes

  • ID Scanning

  • VIN Scanning



Basic plan plus: 

  • 100 Free, automated reminder letters to customers

  • Appointments

  • Coupon Widget

  • Integration with Quickbooks

  • More!


Ask about our other services, including work order digitization

What people say

Shane, Tech

I was surprised that even my oldest customers knew exactly what to do and I did not need to tell them anything. It saves me so much time.

Koch, Tech

I am an engineer by training, plus I have been a tech a long time. This is the best system I have ever used. It is so simple.

Eric, Owner

Since we implemented Smog Pro software, I am finally able to run my business the way I want to run it. I have access to everything I need, whenever I want it. This is truly game changing for me.

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